I Am Legend Wallpaper

I Am Legend Wallpaper

The legend comes to your mobile


  • Stylish movie poster


  • Will's face is teeny

Not bad

Imagine there'd been some kind of apocalypse and you were the last person left on Earth. Scary, eh? Well, imagine that you're Will Smith and perhaps it's not so scary.

I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm told it's pretty captivating and a little frightening. This movie poster wallpaper will let Will parade alone on your mobile phone at all times. It's quite a cool poster, but if it's just Mr Smith you want to gawk at all day long then there are better wallpapers around, as you can't see his face too well.

Perfect for anyone who thought the movie was legendary.

I Am Legend is the latest remake of Richard Matheson's classic 1954 vampire novel. Gone are the vampires and instead we have the 'infected' and Dr Robert Neville (Smith). He's the last man left alive after a man made virus, originally created in an attempt to cure cancer, mutates the world's population into flesh eating night creatures.

This wallpaper, for Java and Symbian phones, brings the atmosphere of the film to your home screen in the form of the movie poster.

Source: BBC Radio Ulster

I Am Legend Wallpaper


I Am Legend Wallpaper

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